LA Unscripted | May 1st, 2023

We also added probiotics . And so it's kind of a more delicious way natural way to increase your immune health , gut health and digestive health . So my grandmother lowly , you know , is short for Dolores and the family , we were always cooking in the kitchen , you know , where she thought , you know , food is thy medicine , whether it's for soul or just for good health .

LA Unscripted | October 4th, 2023

I actually ended up living in China and that became this Odyssey of where I am today . Are there any foods that cause more gut issues than others ? For a lot of people , it's mostly carbs that cause a lot of the bloating .

LA Unscripted | August 10th, 2023

This powder creates a delicious and natural tasting strawberry shake that makes it easy to drink . This delicious shake is a miracle worker for relieving your gut . Mm That's so good .

LA Unscripted | December 19th, 2022

Now , let's switch to the women in our lives and sense is for all the health conscious women who want an easy , reliable method to determine their most for all days and track their cycles simply where the hormone free and natural sensor patch in the sense that lets you know when you ovulated and when you're fertile . And now many people don't know that vaginal health is actually gut health and this is a line of Bio Femme products that balances the ph in our most intimate areas . They have a gel cleansing foam and dry oil and this an entirely organic line of topical products is designed to restore ph balance that alleviate painful and embarrassing symptoms .

LA Unscripted | October 4th, 2023

So gut health is important for many different reasons . One is that the gut plays a functional role in actually how well your brain functions , cognitive function , neurodegenerative diseases , but even issues like inflammation or small intestine bacterial overgrowth that so many people complain about today . I'm Dr Alex , he doctor of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine .